Tuesday, 4 August 2009


If you are just joining us, this is one of those ideas that could only spawn in an Etsy chatroom at 3AM. But we want to have at least 7 people joining in on the fun. That way we can each name a theme for that day in that week. Right now I'm filling in all the extra days. To get a day assigned to you, you have to let me know you want to join, and that you want to be more than just a wallflower.

Once you know the challenge of the day, go forth and make it. It can be felt or knitting or crochet or drawn or painted or made as a doll or a puppet. Skies the limit. Don't forget to show us what you are making.

Please limit your photos to things that belong here. This isn't the random dumping ground for every craft under the sun. Be sure to tell us the theme, as things may get confusing down the road. If you have any questions leave them in the comments. The whole idea is to have fun while stimulating your creativity. It's good for your brain.

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