Friday, 7 August 2009

Cute Fruit Friday

Well... almost.

I usually like to wait until I'm totally done with a piece to show it, but being last sucks sometimes so I'm going to go ahead and show my progress here and just add pics as I go along.

My inspiration came from my baby cousin who was over today and playing with playdoh.

We made many moons (he's only 2), but some how, one of them turned into a lemon.

I'm still waiting for it to dry- It's almost there and will have a face soon. oh an perhaps become yellow along the way =-p
I added the loop while it was still semi soggy so that it could be made into a keychain or charm later on.

a Quick update:

I finally got my little lemon painted and finished- here she is with a sour expression

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  1. OMG that already looks super cute I can't wait to see it painted and everything ^.^