Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Today's Challenge Is Flying Pickle

I couldn't wait to work on my Flying Pickle this morning. I chose embroidery. As I was working on it I suddenly remembered the Pickle Family Circus. I showed this to my boyfriend when I was done and he had no idea what it was, other than something being shot out of a cannnon. Finally I told him it's a pickle. So I said, "What could I have done to make it look more like a pickle? He said, "Make it green." So I said, "It is green." So he said, "Make it curved." And I said, "It is curved." At first it was too curved so I took it out and started over. Ah well. It did make me laugh though, and that was one of the points of this gang. Go Zombie Nanner Gang!


  1. lol nice cannon and of course FLYING PICKLE^.^ great job :P

  2. Ha Ha, I'm so glad you both participated and we are off to a flying start. Pun central around here.