Thursday, 1 October 2009

Zombie Nanner Gang & the Theater of the Absurd

For those of you that want to join the Zombie Nanner Gang, I just posted the list of October themes.
Last night I stayed up till 3 AM making a blog called Theodora's Theater of the Absurd. Shows you where my head is at 3 AM. 

Right now I'm working on my cat applique project and also cutting more 2"squares for my postage stamp quilt. But my boyfriend started working on his drum in the same room, and it was getting tense so I came to see what was going on in Etsy and Bloggerland.

A Few Changes

To make things more efficient and easier to understand, I've made the list for October all at once. That way you can plan ahead for supplies or garage sale finds. I'm not trying to hog up all the fun. If one of you wants to come up with a list for all of November or another for all of December just let me know. Right now I think I'm the only one participating, but if not just speak up. When Oct. starts winding to a close and if no one has spoken up I'll make the November list.

Time to Decorate for Halloween.

It's October and I'm busy making Halloween decorations. I see some of the projects we've made here will work for Halloween too, like my witch doll and the gothic wings if I get those made. My Halloween theme this year is Theater of the Absurd.