Monday, 10 August 2009

Hi Everyone

We still have four artist spots to fill. That way each person can name the challenge for one day of the week. Of course as many people as want to can do the entry for the day. There is no judging or prizes or anything, just an opportunity to stretch your creative muscles and explore the fun of trying new techniques and reaching beyond your comfort zone. The crafts don't have to be good enough to sell or even long lasting for that matter. It's all about the process. You can write all about each day in your art journal or on your blog or on Twitter, or wherever you share your creative talents. The Zombie Nanner Gang is already showing up in the search engines and that could be your art showing up too, if you jump into the soup with us. Whatcha waitin' for? Even if you can only do it once or twice a week that's fine. Also, it's suitable for kids. Sometimes kids can make the best flying pickles or singing cowboys out there. You could do it as a family or a homeschooling project. Summer is winding down and the boredom sets in for many of us. So hop on and do a few fun projects with us before school starts.

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