Friday, 18 March 2011

Crocheted Shapes Wall Hanging

Hey guys!  I hope you all didn't think I made like a rotten banana and split 8-l

Problems just isn't the word for what technology and I have been going through, but, alas, I have access to a working computer again and can post.

I did my wall hanging as a gift to my neice, who is 4 months now.  It's currently hanging next to her crib.

If I keep having reasons to make her things like this, I'm sure she's going to be an abstract thinker when she grows up.

My idea was to make basic shapes for her to look at that weren't crazy bright like all  her toys.  I took a picture frame that I had around and covered it with pieces of an old shirt that was retired to the scraps & recycling bin, and then covered that with a scrap piece of fabric from my box.  Tiny twisty ribbons for trunks, and a tiny yellow ribbon for hanging

My niece will be getting a plushie soon too.  Can't wait to share that!

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  1. that is way COOL I totaly didn't even thonk about something like that!!