Friday, 14 January 2011

Sorry I'm late!

I'm sorry! I was out of town for a large portion of December, and for New Years, so I'm gonna Post December's Item today!

For my 'Items to share' theme, I did 10 mini-paintings for my family! Each painting is about 2"x2" and painted with acrylic paints. Since I couldn't really afford to buy my extended family any gifts this year (and since I was going out of town to meet them) I figured something personal was much more fun!

And before you ask: that one painting? yeah, you know which one...that's NOT blood...It's Ketchup...You'd really have to know my brother to understand :)

Oh, and I was also thinking I would show you guys my Christmas tree this year! the part of my family that I spent Christmas Day with didn't have a tree. So on Christmas Eve, I grabbed a tree branch, and whatever I could find around the house, and made a tree for them! the poor thing was so tiny, just one of my ornaments was so heavy it bent the 'tree' in half.

And here's a closeup of the ornaments I made too! They're chenille stems and beads


  1. Awesome AmethystaG ^.^ the paintings are way cute and your tree reminds me of Charley Brown!

  2. Great idea with the mini paintings And they will last a lot longer than some electronic junk that will be in the recycling bin in a year or less.

  3. Oh and some of those paintings would be great on Zazzle if you got some good photos of them.

  4. Wonderful! The paintings were such a great idea. I wish I could paint like that.