Saturday, 11 December 2010

Milk Bread Rolls to Be Enjoyed by Others

For the December theme, I decided to make share some bread with a neighboring family.
I do love making bread so much that I am prone to random excursions into the recipe book, coming out with some quite tasty treats for the family.

It hardly ever leaves this house (not because it's afraid, but because it gets eaten!)

I like to use every baking adventure as a time to learn or practice what I do know, so with these soft rolls, I decided to try a new, shape.  The single knots are how we were taught to make this bread in school, and the swirly looking ones were an experiment to see how the folds would open up in the shape.

Anyway, I'm sure that this bread has been enjoyed and that feels great!


  1. YUM!! I <3 soft bread I remember when we made it in school ^.^ it was the best I don't remember any left over at the end of the class. Also I was drooling over you baking blog!


  2. Thanks!
    When we made it in school, we made big batches so there was extra, but nothing could stop us from warming butter and eating all we could while we were there.