Saturday, 5 February 2011

February is here!

I hope everyone had a wonderful January! I made my Wall hanging earlier but haven't taken pictures yet. Story of my Life right :P any who It didn't turn out how I wanted it to and it made me sad. I cut it all out of Felt and got it set up added craft glue to hold it in place and started stitching around the piece, got tired and went to bed woke in the morning only to find out that the craft glue I used is too thick to stitch through *sad face* will be posting a picture soon promise!
As always

btw I'm pretty sure I'm crazy, just thought I would share!

EDIT!!!!!!!! here is a sideways pic of my wall hanging that well you know the rest!


  1. I'm sorry it didn't turn out quite right. Glue can be such a bugaboo.

  2. maybe you could try pinning the pieces on instead of gluing them and just glue as you go along? sorry it didn't turn out as planned :(

  3. I think it looks nice. What kind of glue did you use? I usually just tack things down in the center so they won't move then stitch. Love the concept!