Monday, 22 November 2010

Harvest Mini Pillow

I just couldn't come up with great project for this month's theme. Then as I was looking for some plastic canvas, I found this little pillow I finished not so very long ago that has a harvest theme! I totally forgot I made it. In fact I should have listed it in my Etsy shop before Thanksgiving and now it's too late. :(
But you can still enjoy it here on the zombie blog. Go NANNERS!

Oh and I told my friend about your group. He thought NANNER was short for grandma (nana I guess). He wanted to know why I invited him to a blog for grannies. LMAO. So if anyone else is confused, nanner is short for BANANA.

1 comment:

  1. way awesome ^.^ I'm having so trobble getting things done so far I've made 3 scarfs and nothing really novemberish but I think I will post pics of the 3 I've made as my November project >.<