Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Viva la Gang!

Hello Everyone!

So I was thinking because a lot of us are busy and a lot of things happened this pass year I think we should ReStart the Gang but this time lets start out slow. How about One item a month nothing big but something fun that we can do in our spare time. The dead line would be the end of each month and in the middle of the month decide on the next item to be made. Or even show off commission works. What say ye!?



  1. Imagine my surprise when I saw this blog at the top of my blog list. Sure, I'm up for that. Wonder if our favorite chef wants to join in.

  2. If you want to make something with a candy corn theme, I just started something of that ilk.

  3. Woot! sounds like a deal we can do candy corn deco for Halloween / October its a good and simple one ^.^ So glad you still check out the blog Lady Arwen :)